I started thinking about my level of “acceptance” for my kids when one of my friends shared she is in a relationship with a girl and the chances are her mother would not be “okay” with her coming out.

My mind went into a hyperdrive after hearing from her. How’s she coping all these while? What support does she need from us? That day itself, I went to pray for her. For her to have the strength to be who she really is, for her to be able to sink in happiness like anyone else, for her loved ones to share the joy she will be experiencing.

It strikes me to question why do I love my children, and I love them simply because they are the greatest gifts in my life. How do I show my love for them? To love and accept them exactly as they are, in whatever package they come in. And no, they do not need to do anything in particular to earn my love. The day they entered my life, it’s a lifetime promise of unconditional love