Many have been starting to go on a social media detox. Firstly, where you are on the spectrum of social media usage? Has it been affecting your life?

Recently, I received a picture saying, if you have seen my picture (on FB) and not like it, are you still my friend? Seriously, what logic is this?

The person who posted something is anticipating someone to respond, and if no one responds to the post, he/she may feel ignored, depressed or lonely. By the same token, he/she may be waiting through the night praying for some 👍🏻 or comments.

A friend of mine is constantly “cyberstalking” her ex-boyfriend on FB & IG. The more she does that, the less likely she is able to see what lays in front of her. She is 36 this year and most of her friends are either sharing their family pictures, pictures of their happy kids, couples going on a romantic date or restaurants they have been. Every time she looks at those pictures, she begins to compare her life with those who have probably “edited” their lives before posting.

Everyone selectively chooses what they want to share on this social media platform. Most of the times, people portray their lives better than what it really is. Some may even create faux personas in order to look “perfect”. Some mothers frequently post pictures of their happy kids (not mentioning tantrums), while others eagerly post pictures of feast they prepared (not mentioning the kitchen mess).

Take a break off social media to keep you sane from constantly checking on FB, IG, twitter etc. Stop the comparison game, learn to be contented and live a productive life. And yes, fear of missing out? Reconnect with people you care by meeting them in person. The next time before you click on the FB/IG app, ask yourself, what else would be more beneficial to you? Exercise? Reading? Cleaning up your room? Connecting with your family?

Try logging off social media for awhile, breathe, be with the real you and the real world.

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