Topics raised this afternoon with my two friends are still ringing in my head.

As much as we don’t wish to be “helicopter” parents, overseeing in every aspect of our child’s life, sometimes it’s just challenging to draw the line between being concerned and being overprotective.

We all hope our children do well and stay out of trouble in school, proceed to do something meaningful and enjoyable to them as adults. But what if their interest is tough to make a living in future? (Based on our assumptions) Do we continue to grow their interest? Or do we direct them to areas which we think are more likely to earn a living?

Pointing them in the right direction reflect our concerns, but it also shows that we don’t want our kids to experience adversity in their lives, so we do our best to lay a clear path. With all our good intentions, we forgotten adversity is part of life and by facing it, our children build resiliency and learn problem solving skills. We know something is true, life isn’t all smooth sailing. When we allow them to own their successes and failures, we help them take ownership of their lives and they control of their own destiny.

As we wonder what wonderful things they will be, we may forget to let our children be little people who enjoy their one and only childhood given. The stresses on children seem to begin way too early. Perhaps if we really want to protect them, we need to let them have fun and grow at their own pace, to let them explore their interests without fear of failure and judgement. They are growing up too fast! I’m constantly reminding myself that they will never be at this innocent age again.

Living in the moment and create beautiful memories with them. More hugs and kisses, more laughter, more tummy tickles, more piggyback, more quality time, more fun activities, more conversations, more acceptance and hold them longer.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will still stay chill when they are in Primary school!