Just as there’s no right age to bear a child, there’s no one right way to parent a child.

It is interesting how two married people come together to parent a child with each of them carrying their deep rooted experiences (default settings) to shape and mould a new child.

Right from the beginning, some parents prefer formula than breastmilk, Some parents prefer the cry-it-out method to put infant to sleep, some parents co-sleep with their baby. Some parents believe learning through play, while some parents strongly disagree. Some parents just hope these little lives be happy, find a passion and meaning in life, while some parents help their children plan every move just to ensure they succeed in life.

I guess at the end of the day, there’s really no right or wrong parenting styles (I do not condone child abuse). We just need to feel comfortable, trust our parental instincts and enjoy watching the small people grow. When in doubts, read or ask around, reading may help you learn new strategies to build a stronger bond with your child, or by hearing how other parents handle situations creatively may bring you new insights. Most importantly, remember to love and give hugs to your little ones everyday.