Many times disagreement between couples escalate to heated argument.

We need to firstly begin with ourselves. Check in with our emotions by questioning what we are going through within our body. Whatever we are experiencing, note it, and allow ourselves to be in it.

Followed by taking a deep breath and keep our mind clear about our intentions. What it is we are arguing for or against? What outcome are we hoping for?

We can prevent many fights when we realize we were never talking about the same issue to begin with, or it’s simply not something worth arguing about.

Just imagine how a disagreement might be changed through mindfulness: Firstly, we can be aware that our perception is biased. Secondly, we can focus on the positive motives of others. Next, any rising emotions can be held in awareness, rather than acted upon. In this way, disagreement can be handled logically, focused on the issue at hand. 

Using mindfulness to disfuse an argument is definitely not an easy task. The more we practice, the better we get! Let’s learn to listen then to be heard.

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