Sometimes all we need is an ear to listen, a heart to understand. Do you need to speak with someone?

Connect with a trained and ethical listener in a safe space for comfort chatting without fear of being judged. 

Life in a nutshell


To welcome compliments

It’s very common for our local parents to say “Are you serious?”, “My child must be pretending” or “You can strike lottery” when praises are directed at their child. No one likes to be criticised Read more…


Be good to yourself (I)

There are many aspects we need to look into when when talk about self-care. Firstly, it is important to acknowledge our limitations. Well, nobody can pour from an empty cup. When you are drained, you Read more…


A mother’s ♥

I started thinking about my level of “acceptance” for my kids when one of my friends shared she is in a relationship with a girl and the chances are her mother would not be “okay” Read more…

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